2024 High School League

The Maryland Baseball Club is committed to offering continued opportunities for our players to develop.

In 2024 we are introducing our High School Baseball League which will offer an opportunity for our HS aged players to compete against a variety of skill levels within our program. 

The goal of our high school program is to expose our players to different age groups and skill levels. The travel environment is the only time a player will compete against their own age group. At all other levels of baseball (high school, college, and beyond) players are constantly competing against older and younger players. Our HS league will simulate this environment. 

In addition, we believe in building a strong baseball community, especially within our own program. Having players compete and interact with other players from other teams within our program will help accomplish this goal. 



More About Our League


– Our HS League is 100% exclusive to our program. Only MBC players will be participating

– The league is 100% optional.

– There is no cost to play in the league. This is a completely FREE opportunity

– This league is separate from your current team. The way this league will work is players will be randomly assigned a team that will consist of players from all four of our high school aged teams.

– The plan is to get each team at least 4 games throughout the course of the summer. Each team will play 3 regular season games, one playoff game, and two teams will play in a championship game. However, we make NO guarantees on how many games you will actually play. Due to field limitations, if games are lost due to weather or other factors we may not be able to make these games up.

– There will only be one game a week due to field availability limitations. We will have a total of 4 teams which means only two teams will play a week. This league is not meant to provide a ton of extra games but to be additional to what you are already doing.

– All games will have a 2 hour time limit. While this league will have an instructional component to it, it will also be very informal and all players will play.